Teaching Portfolio Overview

While teaching is the more traditional term, I consider this section a portfolio of my attempts to engineer learning. With that in mind, my learning engineering portfolio includes a wide array of experimentation. I cannot be more grateful to all of the students and colleagues that made this learning engineering portfolio possible. You can find the full portfolio at the link below:

Courses Overview

Over the last 10 years at Stanford, I have helped co-create over half a dozen courses, transform a couple into flipped/online-offline hybrids, and facilitate lecture-centric as well as project-based learning experiences. In addition, I ran and re-invigorated the Stanford Student-Initiated Courses program to ensure that students have a chance to try teaching too.

Tech-Mediated Learning Design

I have co-created, co-taught, and taught a course specifically aimed at the design of technology-mediated learning:

  • EDUC / ENGR 391: Engineering Education and Online Learning

  • EE 396 / EDUC 391X: Engineering Education and Online Learning

Nanomaterial Thermodynamics

I have taught multiple times a course on nanomaterial synthesis and helped transform two courses focused on thermodynamics:

  • MATSCI 155: Nanomaterial Synthesis

  • MATSCI 154: Thermodynamics Evaluation of Green Energy Technologies

  • MATSCI 204: Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibria

Educational System Design

I have co-taught multiple courses dedicated to the study and design of educational systems, including:

  • EDUC 338X: Innovations in Education


  • STS 200K: The Sciences of Learning