Resources Overview

Over the course of my research, investing, entrepreneurial, creative, spiritual, and life experience, I have had the opportunity to navigate some fascinating choices. Since one of my great passions in life is translating my lived experiences into usable tools, I offer below a subset of the ones I have created thus far. As much as possible, I group them relevantly.

Writing Process

I absolutely love writing. In all of its forms. I have written many short stories, plays, investment memos, academic papers, and a lot of other documents in between. Over the last few years, I have also begun training people in their writing both in the academic and investing worlds. And so I started putting together a primer with all of the hacks and tools I have discovered thus far to improve my writing.

[Writing Primer]

LDT & LSTD Programs

Having gone through the Learning, Design, and Technology (LDT) Masters Program and being in the Learning Sciences and Technology Design (LSTD) Program, I have had the opportunity to mentor students in both. Especially to allow for better navigation of the fast-paced LDT experience, I put together a document that helps set the experience into an actionable context.

[Framing LDT]

[GSE Interview]

Career & PhD Choice-Crafting

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