Petr Johanes

I came to Silicon Valley in 2008 from the Czech Republic and never left. Before coming to Stanford, I was an avid student of history, especially political revolutions and the attempts to create new societies in their wake. When I arrived at Stanford, I very quickly realized that the people who were thinking most like me — imagining new societal designs and prototyping technologies for them — were all engineers. I pursued a degree in materials science and engineering because I considered nanotechnology a major component of the next industrial revolution. This decision led me to work in startups as an engineer, infrastructure investment analyst at the World Bank, and venture capitalist at Khosla Ventures. I fell in love with analyzing technologies that have never existed and manifesting the companies to commercialize them. I ended up co-founding the venture investment arm of my family’s family office, Metatron Global, while also pursuing a PhD in the field of education. In education, I focus on researching and making more visible the value systems we embed into the socio-technical infrastructures with which we design and research learning, and how those value systems influence the learners that interact with them. My research naturally led me to the study of epistemology and complex systems, both of which have proven to be especially useful for designing crypto-economies and decentralized communities through Gravity Accelerator. A constant area of exploration during and across these career shifts has been my spirituality, and how to productively infuse it into my life and work.


[Emprise Education – Educational Systems Research]

[Metatron Global – Frontier Tech Investing]

[Gravity Accelerator – Crypto-Economy Design]