Emprise Education Overview

This website doubles as an introduction to a subset of my work and as a platform for laying the foundation around what I call

emprise education.


The Name And The Logo

Emprise education is all about facilitating those experiences that wake us up to a embark on a bold, chivalrous enterprise that feels completely authentic to each and every one of us. The logo reflects how that such an education fundamentally involves two journeys simultaneously: an external as much as an internal exploration. It does not matter how much we have probed the outer world (the upper half) if we have never navigated our own inner realms (the inner half). As the logo suggests, there is a deep fractal pattern within all, so the two journeys can inform each other. My academic, investing, creative, and personal work all revolve around exploring this pattern.



The Portfolio section contains a selection of my research projects, teaching experimentations, and emprise-advancing resources.

Ongoing Projects

The Ongoing Projects section showcases some of the projects I am currently working on and the kind of assistance I am looking for.